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Construction & Maintenance

Grounds maintenance & hardscapes, outdoor facilities, renovations, building maintenance, contractor oversight, design, and 24 hour emergency service.


Site work, trenching, leveling, grading, clearing.... The list goes on and on for heavy equipment services which are regular requirements on so many country properties and estates.  Fieldcraft takes pride in fast, unobtrusive service for our clients.  We use modern equipment that is suited for the job, and make every effort to preserve the natural state of things before, during, and after all excavation work.

Soil & Water Conservation

Virginia properties have access to fantastic programs and grants through organizations like the VA Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (VASWCD) which can assist with the funding of certain agricultural projects, such as the fencing of streams and addition of water troughs to your property.  Fieldcraft is experienced in the design and installation of these projects, and we believe they are wonderful improvements to most farms, with far reaching environmental benefit.

Pond Management

Virginia's summer climate and often quick-changing temperatures can lead to farm ponds "flipping" which is a rapid alteration of the water column's temperature - usually resulting in massive fish-kill.  The surest way to regulate ponds and prevent flipping is to aerate them.  Fieldcraft is a certified installer of Keeton Industries Solar Aeration Systems, which also aid in mitigating duckweed and pond odor.   

Equestrian Facilities

Design, installation, and maintenance of fences, run-ins, indoor and outdoor arenas and barns.  Renovation and conversion of existing buildings for equestrian use.  

Land Use Programs

Fieldcraft's land use programs ensure a balanced relationship with sound environmental practices, agricultural productivity, landowner's vision, economics, and Federal tax codes.  Our land use partnerships are omni-beneficial arrangements that today's landowners will value on many levels.  

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